SSRS2016自定义认证和移动报表问题 Having problems using SSRS Mobile Report Publisher by custom authentication mode RRS feed

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  • By custom authentication mode, the new report designer with SSRS2016 "Mobile Report Publisher" can't connect to the server.

    So, if using custom authentication extension, you can't use the Mobile Report Publisher to create/edit the report.

    Question 1#:

    I traced by VS2015, it seems like the publisher try to invoke /reports/api/endpoints and be redirected to

    even though the setting in web.config is:

    <authentication mode="None" />


    <authentication mode="Forms" />

    Question 2#:

    I added a webpage login.aspx for redirecting the request to /reports/api/endpoints, then there is another problem:

    Traced by VS2015, "Mobile Report Publisher" didn't invoke the UserLogon() method implemented by custom Extension (defined by interface IAuthentication/IAuthentication2).

    Is it a bug ?

    自定义认证模式,无论 ReportServer/web.config 中设置认证方式为 

    <authentication mode="None" /> 或 <authentication mode="Forms" />

    使用移动报表发布程序,连接服务器时,选择非 Windows账户,用 vs2015 跟踪:

    1. 请求 /api/endpoints 被转向到 login.aspx

    2. 添加一个 login.aspx 负责 redirect 到 /api/endpoints 后,移动报表发布程序并没有调用 IAuthentication/IAuthentication2 的 UserLogon() 方法进行身份验证。


    除非在 login.aspx 中进行虚假认证——这样权限就被完全放开了。

    2016年12月28日 3:19


  • Hi CoffeeDrunk,

    Thanks for your post.

    From your description, it seems that you would like to connect to Report Server with custom form authentication in the Mobile Report Publisher, right?

    Based on my research, a member of SQL TEAM did a test and found when mobile publisher connects to reporting service, it does not reach report server at all. It will do windows authentication for reports site directly. So, we actually need to co-work with product team to figure out if mobile publisher does support form authentication or not.

    See: Sql server Mobile Report Publisher does not work with Custom authentication in SSRS 2016

    So, in your scenario, it is recommended that submit your question in team will see your comments and reply you.

    If you still have any questions, please feel free to ask.

    Best Regards,

    Pirlo Zhang

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