关于需要登陆才能测试的应用,该如何提交测试? RRS feed

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  • 应用被Marketplace打回,违反了2.1的相关规定,理由如下:
    Your application must be fully functional when
    acquired from Windows Phone Marketplace
    (except for additional data as permitted below).
    Unless you have a pre-existing billing relationship
    with the user, your application may not require
    the user to provide payment information, within
    the application experience, to activate, unlock, or
    extend usage of the application.
    但是我的应用并不要求用户付费,这是一款IM App,大部分的功能需要登陆后才能测试和使用,我可以在提交测试的时候,提供一个测试账号
    2012年7月9日 10:13