How does the MSRS import a custom 3D model about apartment house?


  • Hi:

       I saw the apartment envioronment example in MSRS 2008 R3,but the apartment is just a mainfest with an xml simulation engine state file.There is also an associated assembly with the embedded resources.

       Now ,in my project , first of all,I need to import a 3D model of my own about my lab just as the apartment envioroment example shows .The 3D model has already been done but I don't know how to import it to Robotics Studio.Further more I also need to create a robot entity in the virtual lab  .

       Is there any mothods? I need your help ,thank you!

    2012年3月9日 12:55


  • Simulation is covered in several places in the documentation including the creation of cutom entities.  The book "Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio" is also a great resource.

    I believe the easiest way to create a custom scene would be to start with the "SimulationEmptyProject.manifest.xml" save it as a new manifest.  Then import your 3D model (you will need to convert it to a Collada file format). 

    Entities creation is also covered in the documentation.  It is more involved, but once it exists, you can add it to the scene from the simulation UI

    2012年3月29日 1:42