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  • I have an odd problem with accessing pdf via internet explorer. 

    We are on a novell workgroup with a proxy server on an AD domain hosted by our HQ. When we open IE we are prompted for our AD username and password.

    So lets say we have User A and User B. For the purposes of testing they are running on the same eDirectory account so the same local profile is used. User A logs enters his credentials when IE prompts,  browses to a page with a pdf link, page 1 partially display when User A tries to scroll to next page IE locks up. Internet Explorer is closed and User B reopens IE and enters his own AD credentials goes to same pdf link and page opens without error. Close IE try again with User A and he experiences same error. Unchecking display in browser works.

    What im trying to find out is what changes when the different users authenticate to a proxy using same local profile.

    Any ideas anyone?

    Edit: Problem seems to lie User A's AD account and one of the internet access groups. i tried my account on this group and i still have no problems.

    2012年6月1日 10:02