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    Our product has a crash which has relationship with Concurrency::details::Etw.the stack is as beblow:

      xxx.dll!Concurrency::details::Etw::RegisterGuids(unsigned long (WMIDPREQUESTCODE, void *, unsigned long *, void *) * controlCallBack, const _GUID * providerGuid, unsigned long guidCount, _TRACE_GUID_REGISTRATION * eventGuidRegistration, unsigned __int64 * providerHandle) 行 59 C++
      xxx.dll!Concurrency::details::_RegisterConcRTEventTracing() 行 233 C++
      xxx.dll!Concurrency::details::SchedulerBase::CheckStaticConstruction() 行 358 C++
      xxx.dll!Concurrency::details::SchedulerBase::CreateWithoutInitializing(const Concurrency::SchedulerPolicy & policy) 行 276 C++
      xxx.dll!Concurrency::details::SchedulerBase::GetDefaultScheduler() 行 650 C++
    xxx.dll!Concurrency::details::SchedulerBase::CreateContextFromDefaultScheduler() 行 567 C++
      xxx.dll!Concurrency::details::LockQueueNode::LockQueueNode(unsigned int timeout) 行 617 C++
      xxx.dll!Concurrency::critical_section::lock() 行 1022 C++
      xxx.dll!mtx_do_lock(_Mtx_internal_imp_t * * mtx, const xtime * target) 行 51 C++
      xxx.dll!_Mtx_lock(_Mtx_internal_imp_t * * mtx) 行 144 C++
      xxx.dll!_Thrd_create(_Thrd_imp_t * thr, int (void *) * func, void * d) 行 130 C
      xxx.dll!Thread::start() 行 116 C++

    The Thread object is C11 static Thread object.and in the dump we found the advapi32.dll was loaded. Can anyone tell me how to fix this kind of crash.Thanks very very much.

    And I found there are two similar issues:

    2014年5月22日 11:15