请教MS-WOPI中访问文档的参数access_token是哪来的? RRS feed


  • 同问.

    2. Access tokens

    You need to provide access tokens that represent users and their permissions within your system. The WOPI application doesn't know what permissions a user has; as the storer of the file, you, the WOPI host, are the authority on that. Thus, you need to provide a token that the WOPI application will then pass back to you.


    2013年7月3日 2:03
  • 如果wopi server是你自己写的话,access_token是需要你自己的代码生成的,验证的时候也需要你自己来验证


    2013年11月18日 9:23
  • 如题。。。。

      The token is come from the WOPI server. When you process the wopi client logic, the ini request is from the user interface such as IE or other browsers.

     The WOPI server (SharePoint server) will response to the user interface, and return an auto-post  html to  post the access_token and wopi url to the wopi client.

     As you know, the wopi client has their owned service url which should be resisted into SharePoint server by using discovery action. the wopi client should listen to the url which has been provided to sharepoint server.

     The access_token will be send to this url from the user interface.

    2014年8月11日 8:06