Cannot display any page that leads to a website that has networking or live forums example. Facebook, Hotmail, this forum RRS feed

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  • A couple of days ago my computer (not this computer) stopped being able to access any website that has the ability to do instant messaging.  It will  allow me (for example) to get onto the facebook page but as soon as I put in my address and password, it gives me a  "Cannot display page, hit refresh, try page later" error.  It does this same error with Facebook, Hotmail and even when I tried to get on this forum it gave me that message.  The day before the problem started, my daughter tried to download Window Live on that computer but supposedly there was an error and it did not load.  Thinking that was the problem, I tried to do a system restore for earlier in the week but the only bold date available was from the previous day and it said that it had saved before Windows Service Pack 3 had been downloaded onto my computer.  So I do not know which of these actions have screwed up my ability to access these websites but the restore did not work and nor did a couple of other things that I tried from reading other forums.  Can you help me?

    2009年9月1日 18:28