WDK+VS2017,no Host choice shown when "Add a new Target Device" RRS feed

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  • I'm a beginner for Windows Driver developing, now I'm trying to setup WDK+VisualStudio2017 to start a new KMDF Driver demo.

    My Host computer is a laptop with Win10 Home 10.0.16299 ,with WDK 10.0.16299.0,VisualStudio2017 Commumity.

    My Target computer is  Win7X64 6.1.7600 install inside vmware, and debug tools installed. 

    Host and Target network setup , ping command replies correctlly.

    I hava followed the MSDN docs and Videos, then stucked here:

    When I try to add a new target device in VisualStudio Driver menu,I can input “Display Name” ,can choose “Device Type”, can choose“Provision Options”,but can input “network host name”(no input box shown at all, I can not upload image for the moment as a new msdn user).

    What should I do for the next ,is there a physics computer necessary? Or I need different version of Host/VisualtStudio/WDK/Target ? Or just mistakes I should to find out?

    Thanks !

    2018年3月4日 1:04