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  • 公司的电脑一直使用了SQL的订阅和发布技术,将一个更新服务器的数据同步到其它一些查询服务器,但是今天发现异常,SQL的订阅被阻塞,Log Reader Agent在大批量的扫描数据库日志文件(可参阅附件),在数据库日志文件被扫描到850万时就一直等待,直到出错又重新初始化。反复初始化几次后仍然出现一样的问题,即使重启发布服务器一样没法解决问题。各位是否有遇到类似的问题,或者可以從哪些方面逐步排查,请不吝赐教。



    2011年12月7日 5:50


  • 日志提示:
    The Log Reader Agent is scanning the transaction log for commands to be replicated.
    Approximately 8500000 log records have be scanned in pass #3, 0 of which...
    The replication agent has not logged a progress message in 10 minutes.This might indicate an unresponsive agent or high system activity.Verify that records are being replicated.
    The process could not execute 'sp_replcmds' on 'SERVER NAME'


    2011年12月7日 6:16
  • Which replication do you use? How did you config replication? Where's distributor? How many subscribers? Are they in local or on remote sites? ...
    2011年12月7日 15:09