Windows Vista和Windows 7内置了哪些版本的VC++? RRS feed

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  • 如题,以前记得vista是内置了vc++2005(rtm)以供桌面小工具使用,7好像是内置了rtm或者是sp1的vc++2008,8开始就没有内置vc++的运行库i,不知道对不对
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  • 这个说法不对,windows不会内置VC++ runtime

    来自这里 Are Visual C++ dynamic runtime libraries part of the Windows OS nowadays

    No, they've never been part of the Windows distribution.  Deploying them yourself is a hard requirement.

    It certainly may seem that they are.  Starting with msvcrt.dll in the system32 directory, it has the same name as the C++ runtime dll in Visual Studio versions prior to VS2002 (VS6 and earlier).  It is however a private copy of the CRT that is used by Windows executables.  And protected by the File System Protection feature in Windows, preventing old installers from destroying the operating system.

    It certainly often works by accident.  There are many programs that need the Microsoft CRT so it isn't unlikely that the user has run an installer before that got the DLLs installed.  Clearly you cannot depend on that common accident.

    Similarly for Windows 8, the pre-installed Microsoft.VCLibs.110 package matches the package you need for a Store app written in C++.  But that's for the same reason as above, Microsoft Store programs were also built with VS2012, just like yours.  What's going to happen in the upcoming VS2013 is a bit muddy right now, we'll know soon.

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    Windows并没有内置vc++ package。 Visual C++ Redistributable Packages 是和vs相关的。具体安装什么版本的 Visual C++ Redistributable Packages 取决于你使用什么版本的vs。另外,有些程序为了在Windows上运行,会自动安装相应版本的 Visual C++ Redistributable Packages。

    想要了解更多关于 Visual C++ Redistributable Packages 的内容,请参考以下文档。

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