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  • hi,all

    in window azure platform i package a WindowsAzurePackage.cspkg,the cspkg is 223M(include, and myapp.ear),when i upload in window azure platform console,is always have error with uploaded 67%.

    i want to know the SIZE of the cspkg is limit in window azure?

    any help will be appreciate.


    2012年2月23日 3:20


  • Hi,

    As far as i know, The maximum package size that can be deployed is 600 MB, so i think there is nothing wrong with package size.

    What's kind of errors you have meet? And How do you upload your application to Windows Azure? Could you please provide more details about your exception message, such as Stack and output messages.

    Thank you.

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    2012年2月23日 6:43
  • You can try to upload your cspkg file into BLOB storage, and deploy it from BLOB storage.


    2012年2月23日 12:16
  • hi,Arwind

    I upload my application using the Window azure platform console, and encountered error message such as: "network connect failed" not any other message.i had found one problem that i use windows7 32bit OS,but in azure all instance are this lead error?


    2012年2月29日 6:40
  • Hi,小朱

    I want to know in my application include several xml files(configuration)  log files and upload files,let this files store in BLOB storage is correct ? because i conside if the instance is down,in this time all of the increase files will lose? if store in BLOB storage  how to change the application code?


    • 已编辑 duanxz 2012年2月29日 7:04
    2012年2月29日 6:42
  • You can create your project with "Service Package only" mode, Visual Studio will open the path contained files you must upload to BLOB storage.

    If you want to store data at Cloud, you must store your data into Windows Azure Storage, as your data for example, you can store your XML files into BLOB storage, and modify your code to use StorageClient and BlobStorage (refer Windows Azure SDK for .NET, add Microsoft.WindowsAzure.StorageClient.dll and add "Microsoft.WindowsAzure.StorageClient namespace. For details, please refer the SDK documentation) to read/write your XML data from storage.


    2012年2月29日 10:09