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  • Hi All,

    Now I'd like to implement a function that dowloading file from web without "Save As" dialog pop out. In other words, if the function receive the parameter "FileUri" and "LocalPath", the files can be downloaded smoothly. I use the method "WebBrowser.Navigate(FileUri)", but it needs I select the local path manually, which is not expected! How to do it




    2012年2月8日 6:33


  • Hi Zeng Wei,

      It seems that you have to set the parameter named FileUri due to its menthod reqirement,and you want to use WebRequest object to do the next work. Here are some useful code samples  listed as follows:

    MyDownloader: A Multi-thread C# Segmented Download Manager

      If you want to get the more information about downloading web page as file on Microsoft ONECODE.

    Show progress in downloading a file from web (CSWebDownloader)

      Certainly, the code sample has vb version that you can find it from Gallery or Codeplex.


    Jason Wang

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    2012年2月8日 8:16
  • Hi ZengWei,

    you can check the URI of the webbrowser before navigating; if it is a file path, you can use webclient or other classes to save the file to the place you want automatically.

    The above operation should be handled in the events of WebBrowser instance.

    Raymond Tang (Microsoft C# MVP)
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    2012年2月8日 11:58
  • Hi Raymond,

    Yes. The URI is the file path. But I use the codes below can not fetch the file down.

    public void DownFile(string URL, string Filename) { WebClient client = new WebClient(); client.Credentials = new NetworkCredential("logName", "logPwd"); try { WebRequest request = WebRequest.Create(new Uri(URL)); } catch (Exception ex) { Console.WriteLine(ex.ToString()); } try { client.DownloadFile(new Uri(URL), Filename); } catch (WebException e) { Console.WriteLine(e.ToString()); } }

    The reason may be that the web is encrypted by SSL/HTTPS. I am not sure. However I can use the "logname" and "logpwd" to log in the web successfully, and failed to download the files with "WebClient". And, I found I use "WebBrowser.Navigate(FileUri)" to save the file smoothly.

    So do you have any more idea?



    2012年2月9日 3:01