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  • 在国内,无法下载和安装Silverlight Spy。它采用的是ClickOnce 方式。



    Silverlight Spy

    Maintenance update of Silverlight Spy is available in the download section. This release contains the following updates and fixes:

    • Improved detection of silverlight applications including detailed warnings when an application fails to load in the spy
    • Added base class type information to .NET CLR types
    • Fixed bug where spy is unable to load XAP packages when the XAP source uri includes a query string
    • Fixed style type mapping to .NET CLR types
    • Fixed hierachical XAP package folder structure bug
    • Added action 'Go To Type declaration' to jump to .NET CLR types

    Download Silverlight Spy

    No more secrets with Silverlight Spy!


    Downloads from First Floor are provided "as-is" and I take no responsibility for any damages or loss of profit caused by using the software either directly or indirectly downloaded from this site.

    All visitors to the site are strictly prohibited from downloading any software either directly or via a link until you agree, accept and understand the conditions above.

    Licensing Terms

    There is no license fee or royalty fee to be paid for the Silverlight Spy.

    Required prerequisites

    • Internet Explorer 6 or higher
    • Silverlight 2 (Beta 2 or Release Candidate 0) runtime
    • Windows Installer 3.1
    • .NET Framework 3.5 runtime

    If the required prerequisites are already installed you can launch Silverlight Spy now. Otherwise, install the prerequisites first.

     Launch Silverlight Spy 2 now!

    The Silverlight Spy installation is powered by ClickOnce deployment technology.

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  • 这个问题一直没有后续讨论,我就冒昧的把自己标记了

    2011年7月11日 6:00