EN SharePoint SP10SP1 With France Language Pack,User Powershell to Get Site Template RRS feed

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  • 英语SharePoint 2010 环境安装法语语言包,此时使用Powershell获取Site Template时,Get-SPWebTemplate,首先获取到的为法语的Site Template,如何使使用Get-SPWebTemplate时仅显示英语Site Template?

    install SharePoint 2010 on English OS,install the France Language Pack in the SharePoint Farm,User The Powershell Cmdlet to get the site template ,e.g. Get-SPWebTemplate "S*",but i want to only get the SharePoint Site Template with English Template,How can i solve this program? 

    English SharePoint 2010 environment, install the French Language Pack, this time using Powershell Get Site Template when, Get-SPWebTemplate, first get to the French and the Site Template, how to use the Get-SPWebTemplate with only English Site Template?

    2013年7月29日 7:03