Failed to get user Email in SharePoint IRM protector(ADFS) RRS feed

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  • I have an IRM protector working both for SP2013 and SP2016.


    HRESULT CXXProtector::HrProtect(ILockBytes *pilbInput, ILockBytes *pilbOutput, I_IrmPolicyInfo *piid, DWORD *pdwStatus)


    BSTR bstr = NULL;



    BOOL bIsSystem=FALSE;


    hr = piid->HrGetRequestingUser(&bstr,&bIsSystem);





    In function HrProtect(), I tried to get the requesting user by calling piid->HrGetRequestingUser(&bstr,&bIsSystem);


    Normally, it works.


    However, it doesn't work if we configure it use ADFS authentication (https). 


    The return value of hr = piid->HrGetRequestingUser(&bstr,&bIsSystem); is -2147418113(8000FFFF).


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