RichTextBox怎么才能显示html?有没有好的办法? RRS feed

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  • RichTextBox怎么才能显示html?有没有好的办法?


    2014年3月26日 4:06



  • 我不理解为什么要让RICHTEXTBOX来显示HTML。不理解。可以再描述一下吗?
    2014年3月26日 6:27
  • 你好,

    推荐两个RICHTEXTBOX Editor,希望对你有帮助。


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    2014年3月26日 7:01
  • 为了做一个小邮件工具,通用的邮件工具都是基于HTML的,但我用的是richtextbox,只能支持自有格式,对HTML是原样读入,不做任何解析,所以就想找一个办法让RTB加载HTML,或有其他能代替的也可以
    2014年3月26日 18:04
  • HTML to do XAML Conversion

    Our manager was quite happy with our quick and cool solution for implementing WPF Rich Textbox so we checked-in the changes that we made to SVN, and then, the continuous integration integrated our latest changes into the new build so people from QA could start testing our new feature.

    After a few hours, we started getting new bugs regarding our new RichText Editor from QA. Ouch!

    What happened was that there is one ASP.NET website that is using the same service and same table. The ASP.NET team is using TinyMCE, a Javascript WYSIWYG Editor in that website so those HTML tags which are the output of that editor are being saved in the database. That's why our WPF RichText Editor wasn't able to render those HTML tags. The same way, their TinyMCE was also having problems with our XAML tags.


    2014年3月26日 18:10