:为用户“xxx\xxx”授予的权限不足,无法执行此操作。 (rsAccessDenied) RRS feed

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  • 各位专家:我打开http://localhost/reports/页面,看不到查看,属性.只看到 SQL Server Reporting Services 主文件夹 而我在iis中,没有权限浏览iis中的reportserver这个目录.用的是域账号进去的.我知道是权限的问题,那么在域环境下如何能设置权限能访问呢?在线等各位专家.论坛不能贴图,如果我描述不清楚,麻烦各位留下邮箱,我给贴图,一句话如何在iis中对一个域账号设置能访问reportserver这个虚拟目录的权限.错误:为用户“xxx\xxx”授予的权限不足,无法执行此操作。 (rsAccessDenied) 获取联机帮助 谢谢各位!
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  • Reporting Services uses roles and role assignments to control access to report server content. By creating role assignments, you enable other users in your organization to view and publish reports and other items on a report server.

    There are two categories of roles: system-level and item-level. System-level role assignments specify a collection of tasks that apply to the report server site as a whole. Item-level role assignments describe tasks that apply to content, including permissions for publishing reports, generating models, viewing reports, setting properties, creating subscriptions, and so on. System-level and item-level role assignments are used together to provide a comprehensive set of permissions; even users who require limited access to a report server will benefit from having a system-level role assignment.

    About How to: Grant User Access to a Report Server , please follow the steps at

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