Submitting a WLK 1.6 tested device using HCK 2.0 RRS feed

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  • 最近在进行WHQL签名测试时,我使用的是WLK1.6进行测试的,测试完成之后,创建了一个submission,然后仪表板提示不能提交,查找一些解决办法,发现 以后提示 ,请哪位大侠帮忙解答一下,如何使用HCK提交WLK的测试结果

    Submitting a WLK 1.6 tested device using HCK 2.0

    If you have WLK 1.6 logs for Windows XP or Windows Vista which are now blocked from submission, you may work around the problem by creating a HCK 2.0 project for the appropriate operating system, but instead of scheduling tests, create a HCK 2.0 package which has no completed logs. This empty package will provide the vehicle to carry your already completed WLK 1.6 logs.

    Using the Dashboard submission packager, create a submission package using the empty HCK 2.0 package. Attach your completed WLK 1.6 logs in the readme folder. When submitted, the system will correctly identify your operating system and certification product by virtue of the HCK 2.0 wrapper. The reviewer can inspect and approve, based on your included WLK 1.6 logs.

    2013年7月24日 2:03


  • 创建一个空的project在HCK 2.0中,然后在最后一个package页面中将WLK1.6的结果作为supplmented folder内容进行打包并签名。

    2013年7月30日 9:46