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  • hey guys,

    i m testing our device for windows8 logo,and just met problem(s),

      1 Touch input [scantime]

      is this a relative delay of time in 100us units from previous touch to current touch or

      what? i have no idea how to handle this and this [scantime] always failed me in touch test like

      zoom gesture or holding touch.

      the following descriptor is our device descriptor.


            0x05, 0x0d,                         //    USAGE_PAGE (Digitizers)
    0x55, 0x0C,                         // UNIT_EXPONENT (-4)           
    0x66, 0x01, 0x10,                   // UNIT (Seconds)        
    0x47, 0xff, 0xff, 0xff, 0x7f,       // PHYSICAL_MAXIMUM 0x7fffffff /// (65535)
    0x27, 0xff, 0xff, 0xff, 0x7f,       // LOGICAL_MAXIMUM  0x7fffffff /// (65535) 
    0x75, 0x20,                         // REPORT_SIZE (32)             
    0x95, 0x01,                         // REPORT_COUNT (1) 
    0x09, 0x56,                         //    USAGE (Scan Time)   
    0x81, 0x02,                         // INPUT (Data,Var,Abs)         
    0x09, 0x54,                         //    USAGE (Contact count)

    2012年3月28日 3:49


  • 扫描时间是Windows 8 touch的新要求。每个上报的Touch事件都应该有一个绝对的扫描时间点。

    2012年4月13日 9:11