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  • 你好,我web是再别的云服务商哪里搭建的,负载均衡是再azure上搭建,现在想购买azure的cdn服务,但是自己根据azure文档尝试了几次自己搭建Microsoft CDN 都是失败的,那位高手能帮我做一个完整的搭建文档,包括dns如何去设置,谢谢
    2020年3月12日 2:52


  • Hello, where is my website built by other cloud service providers? Load balancing is built on azure. Now I want to buy azure's CDN service. But I tried to build Microsoft CDN by myself according to azure's document once, and it failed. That expert can help me to make a complete construction document, including how to set DNS. Thank you

    2020年3月12日 3:05