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  • 在msChart中有一段曲线,我想使用鼠标截取曲线中某一部分数据,对这这部分数据进行删除或转存请问如何操作?


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  • Hi lilin,



     Private mdown As Point = Point.Empty
        Private selectedPoints As List(Of DataPoint) = Nothing
        Private Sub chart1_MouseDown(sender As Object, e As MouseEventArgs)
            mdown = e.Location
            selectedPoints = New List(Of DataPoint)()
        End Sub
        Private Sub chart1_MouseMove(sender As Object, e As MouseEventArgs)
            If e.Button = System.Windows.Forms.MouseButtons.Left Then
                Using g As Graphics = Chart1.CreateGraphics()
                    g.DrawRectangle(Pens.Red, GetRectangle(mdown, e.Location))
                End Using
            End If
        End Sub
        Private Sub chart1_MouseUp(sender As Object, e As MouseEventArgs)
            Dim ax As Axis = Chart1.ChartAreas(0).AxisX
            Dim ay As Axis = Chart1.ChartAreas(0).AxisY
            Dim rect As Rectangle = GetRectangle(mdown, e.Location)
            For Each dp As DataPoint In Chart1.Series(0).Points
                Dim x As Integer = CInt(ax.ValueToPixelPosition(dp.XValue))
                Dim y As Integer = CInt(ay.ValueToPixelPosition(dp.YValues(0)))
                If rect.Contains(New Point(x, y)) Then
                End If
            ' optionally color the found datapoints:
            For Each dp As DataPoint In Chart1.Series(0).Points
                dp.Color = If(selectedPoints.Contains(dp), Color.Red, Color.Black)
        End Sub
        Public Shared Function GetRectangle(p1 As Point, p2 As Point) As Rectangle
            Return New Rectangle(Math.Min(p1.X, p2.X), Math.Min(p1.Y, p2.Y), Math.Abs(p1.X - p2.X), Math.Abs(p1.Y - p2.Y))
        End Function


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