"Failed to fetch project" in Speech Studio Custom Voice RRS feed

  • 问题

  • Notifications shows "Failed to fetch project" and the detail is blow:

    Fetch project failed. Error message: {"config":{"transformRequest":{},"transformResponse":{},"timeout":0,"xsrfCookieName":"XSRF-TOKEN","xsrfHeaderName":"X-XSRF-TOKEN","maxContentLength":-1,"headers":{"Accept":"application/json, text/plain, */*","Ocp-Apim-Subscription-Key":"******","Correlation-Id":"a1da4940-0d0f-11eb-adb1-595d1a3f527f"},"method":"get","url":""},"request":{}}

    Is this my network's problem or something else? How should I solve it?

    help me plz :(

    2020年10月13日 5:00


  • I changed the network and there was no problem. In addition, there was no mistake in using the original network this afternoon for no reason.
    2020年10月13日 10:58