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  • 需要Visual C++ 2005或者更高版本
    MSMVP VC++
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    2009年5月19日 16:53
  • // RtlpNumberOf is a function that takes a reference to an array of N Ts.
    // typedef T array_of_T[N];
    // typedef array_of_T &reference_to_array_of_T;
    // RtlpNumberOf returns a pointer to an array of N chars.
    // We could return a reference instead of a pointer but older compilers do not accept that.
    // typedef char array_of_char[N];
    // typedef array_of_char *pointer_to_array_of_char;
    // sizeof(array_of_char) == N
    // sizeof(*pointer_to_array_of_char) == N
    // pointer_to_array_of_char RtlpNumberOf(reference_to_array_of_T);
    // We never even call RtlpNumberOf, we just take the size of dereferencing its return type.
    // We do not even implement RtlpNumberOf, we just decare it.
    // Attempts to pass pointers instead of arrays to this macro result in compile time errors.
    // That is the point.
    extern "C++" // templates cannot be declared to have 'C' linkage
    template <typename T, size_t N>
    char (*RtlpNumberOf( UNALIGNED T (&)[N] ))[N];

    #define RTL_NUMBER_OF_V2(A) (sizeof(*RtlpNumberOf(A)))

    #define ARRAYSIZE(A)    RTL_NUMBER_OF_V2(A)

    这个宏是调用RtlpNumberOf 的,RTL开头的一般都是内核函数.

    #define ARRAYSIZE(A) (sizeof(A)/sizeof((A)[0]))

    Hello world
    2009年5月21日 3:20