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  • For each paid Azure AD license that you assign to a user, you can invite up to five guest users under the External User Allowance.


    一个AA用户最多可以invite 5 B2B users吗?



    2019年2月25日 8:36


  • Once you determine how many guest users need to access your paid Azure AD services, make sure you have enough Azure AD paid licenses to cover guest users in the required 1:5 ratio. Here are some examples:

    • You want to invite 100 guest users to your Azure AD apps or services, and you want to assign access management and provisioning to all guest users. You also want to require MFA and conditional access for 50 of those guest users. To cover this combination, you'll need 10 Azure AD Basic licenses and 10 Azure AD Premium P1 licenses. If you plan to use Identity Protection features with your guest users, you'll need Azure AD Premium P2 licenses in the same 1:5 ratio to cover the guest users.
    • You want to invite 60 guest users who all require MFA, so you must have at least 12 Azure AD Premium P1 licenses. You have 10 employees with Azure AD Premium P1 licenses, which would allow up to 50 guest users under the 1:5 licensing ratio. You’ll need to purchase two additional Premium P1 licenses to cover 10 additional guest users.

    关于这段说明也很confused,如果guest本身也是有AAD liense的呢?还需要额外给guest 购买?

    2019年2月25日 8:44
  • Hi ArcadiaHe,

    您可以邀请 guest 使用您的付费 Azure AD 服务,每个付费的 Azure AD 许可证最多可以邀请 5 位 guest,且 guest 可以使用免费的 Azure AD 功能,即使您没有付费 Azure AD 许可。

    建议您确认您与您所需要邀请的 guest 需要使用的功能属于哪一个付费层,并且购买相应的许可再邀请相应 guest (每一个许可证最多可邀请 5 位)。

    请参考 Azure AD 定价层与涵盖功能


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