Floor areas don't roll up correctly when parent and children have floor areas defined RRS feed

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  • In our product we use Analysis service 2005,now we have updated it to 2008,but for the same MDX it get the different result.In 2005 the result is right, but in 2008 the result is wrong.


    SCOPE MEASUREGROUPMEASURES(''Locality values'');

    THIS = IIF(IsLeaf([Locality].[Locality].CurrentMember), CalculationPassValue(Measures.CurrentMember, 0), IIF(IsEmpty(CalculationPassValue([Locality].[Locality].CurrentMember.DataMember, 0)), SUM([Locality].[Locality].CurrentMember.Children), CalculationPassValue([Locality].[Locality].CurrentMember.DataMember, 0)));


    Our Application senerio:

     1.Create a locality with child localities (i.e. a building with 2 floors)
     2.Assign a floor area to the parent locality of 250,000
     3.Assign floor areas to the child localities - 50,000 each
     4.Update the cube
     5.Create an excel report with Locality on the rows, floor area on the columns
     6.Expand the locality,Look at the floor area
     7.Expand the child localities, look at the floor area.

    Our Expected results:
    Parent locality should show floor area of 250,000
    When expanded, child localities should show 50,000 each, and a total of 100

    But Actual results :
    Parent locality shows 350,000-----------the result is wrong in should be 250,000,in 2005 the result is right.
    Children (correctly) show 50,000

    2010年4月19日 9:41