IE8 deleted my favorites and I can't add new ones RRS feed

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  • I've been using IE8 for awhile now and while I've haven't had THIS problem before.

    I was browsing the web, click the arrow on my Favorites bar to load a few important pages I'd added, and *poof* all my favorites vanished right before my eyes. Not only are they gone from IE8, but they're gone from my computer. I've done nothing that could've caused the problem. Any ideas or reasons why this just happened?

    I'm using IE8, Windows XP.

    -edit- also can't add new favorites. I know how to fix that and the bigger issues is 6 years worth of bookmarks being wiped out by a IE8.

    2010年3月16日 2:50


  • Hi,

    I am sorry to hear that your bookmarks is gone. Are you installed any 3rd part Add-ons in IE8? or maybe your pc is infected by virus?

    To prevent such a thing happening again, I would recommend you use bookmark synchronization add-on for IE8

    You can do some search for the synchronization add-on. You have a lot of choices.

    And this thread could add some value:


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    2010年3月19日 4:27