局域网内打印机的端口属性 RRS feed


  • 你好,

    你可以试一下下面的代码, 通过QueuePort属性获取端口信息,不知道是不是你需要的.


               // Create a PrintServer

                // "theServer" must be a print server to which the user has full print access.

                PrintServer myPrintServer = new PrintServer();


                // List the print server's queues

                PrintQueueCollection myPrintQueues = myPrintServer.GetPrintQueues();

                String printQueueNames = "My Print Queues:\n\n";

                foreach (PrintQueue pq in myPrintQueues)


                    printQueueNames += "\t" + pq.Name + "\n";

                    Console.WriteLine("queue driver:" + pq.QueueDriver.Name);

                    Console.WriteLine("queue port:" + pq.QueuePort.Name);


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