Important Question about the outcome format of last day (day 5)! RRS feed

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  • Hello, we are team 'Monday' and you mentioned that our result was in incorrect format. I am wondering whether it is caused by that we have only invested in one option. Uh...we were told to choose one option in Product A and one in B in Day 5. But we also noticed that we are permitted to select only one option, as discussed in "虽然AB都要选择一个option ". So we choose only one option in our allocate.csv. Maybe we should add one more option with investment=0... So ... we are sorry that we have made such a mistake. And we hope that you can randomly select one more option for us with investment=0 or 1. As to its fair value, we have already provided in our explanation.pdf. Thanks a lot! Sorry for the trouble!!!
    2011年11月1日 8:12


  • 汗,用汉语吧
    2011年11月1日 10:02
  • 昨天电脑有问题,只能用英文输入,切换不了中文输入发,就英文发了,如果造成不便深感抱歉!
    2011年11月2日 7:13
  • 你们发到info@hpc-in-finance的邮件前天已直接回复了。不过好象学校的邮箱是不是因为满了所以又被bounced回来了。。。请确认是否收到官方的答复。谢谢。
    2011年11月3日 2:54