NDIS6.0 Win7 MiniportDriver Issue RRS feed

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  • I'm porting an NDIS 5.1 virtual miniport device to NDIS 6.0(My OS:Win7) and am running
    into a problem. I've read the documentation(MS Porting Guide) for porting, and
    believe I've done what needs to be done. However, after the call to
    MiniportInitializeEx() completes successfully, HaltHandlerEx() is called with
    a halt reason of "NdisHaltDeviceInitializationFailed". Per MSDN, this means:

    "NDIS could not initialize the miniport adapter for an unknown reason after
    the MiniportInitializeEx function completed successfully."


    BTW: the lower edge is USB driver of my driver.

    Is there a good way to debug this problem?

    2010年5月17日 10:51