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  • Hi, I got a performace issue when I wanted to create my own scrum. 

    In my scrum project I have three work items  (Persona,Activity,Product Blog Item). The logic is that when I choose a Persona it will show all the Activities which related to the Persona and show all the PBIs which both related to Activity and Persona.  

    Now, I follow the steps below: 

    1, Get all the PBIs by the project name. 

    2,Query the related links of each PBI, create a new work item by the link id and find out which work item type the related work item belongs to.If the related work items contains the current activity and persona, it means that the PBI is needed to be shown on the page. 

    The problem focus: 

    As you know, there will be thousands of PBIs in a project, it will take long time to do the loop in step 2 above.

    I will paste my code if it would help you guys to understand the issue I am facing with. 

    Look forward to reply.  thanks,


    2010年12月21日 0:52