How to combine some variables into Excel row by row? RRS feed

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  • There are some package scope variables like name,sex,score,etc.

    In my foreach loop container, I want to insert these variables into Excel as a row. Of course, another loop, another row. How to achieve it?

    2011年6月30日 9:42


  • Those varibales I believe are User defined varibles, in Foreach Loop container, there is NO directly enumerator to go through the system/user defined varibles. But you can try this:

    - In foreach loop container, select ForeachItemEnumberator

    - Create corresponding amount items, for example 3 columns to 3 varibles;

    - Map your variables to the new items you just created

    - Using sql insert (execute sql task) to go through those items


    2011年6月30日 15:58