两台win10电脑的双网卡设置问题(Translate: Dual NIC settings for two win10 computers) RRS feed

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  • 我有两台win10的电脑,电脑1作为NAS使用,开启局域网文件共享,板载千兆网卡,从来不关机,接在交换机上,IP设置为192.168.10.100。电脑2作为游戏机使用,需要玩游戏的时候才打开,也是板载千兆网卡,连接交换机,IP设置为192.168.10.150。最近我买了两张10Gbps的光纤网卡和一根光纤线,想要加速文件共享的拷贝速度,我直接把两张10Gbps的网卡插在两台电脑上并且用光纤线连接起来,共享的速度没有增加,数据仍然是从交换机传输的,请问如何设置才能使用万兆网卡加速共享?


    I have two win10 computers, computer 1 is used as a NAS, open LAN file sharing, onboard Gigabit LAN, never shut down, connected to the switch, IP is set to The computer 2 is used as a game machine and only opened when I want to play games. It is also an onboard Gigabit NIC, connected to the switch, and the IP setting is Recently I bought two 10Gbps fiber-optic network cards and one fiber-optic cable. To speed up the copy-sharing speed of file sharing, I directly plugged two 10Gbps network cards into two computers and connected them with fiber-optic cables. The speed of sharing is not Increase, the data is still transmitted from the switch, how to set up to use 10 Gigabit network card to accelerate sharing?

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  • 把已有网络断开,直接使用光纤网络,这样操作比较简单。如果不断开已有网络,需要更改每台机器的路由表。

    2019年5月15日 3:41