The SQL Server using nearly the whole memory in the Sever machine RRS feed

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  • Hi,

    One of my financial server machine is a date server and installed SQL Server databases.  Sometime, the SQL will crash itself, when I research the system log, find that the memory using very high.

    Today I find the SQL Server using the 14GB of the 16GB memory installed in the server machine in the system performance monitor.

    How can I troubleshoot the SQL Server, and why the SQL using so much memory RAM? Is there any suggestion?


    TechNet Community Support

    2013年12月30日 16:51


  • Sql will use all available memory on the machine, you can set max memory in sql to leave some memory for OS. If it's 64-bit dedicated sql server, set max memory to 12gb as starting point. 
    2013年12月30日 17:19
  • That's normal. SQL Server use more memory to cache data so that not go to Disk when need. Disk performance is more worse than Memory. As rmio said, you can use max server memory to control SQL Server buffer pool useage.

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    2013年12月31日 1:12
  • did you find any error message in SQL Server error log when the SQL crash? any dump file existed?

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    2013年12月31日 10:50