How to get the handle of 'Date and Time' window of windows8 system? RRS feed

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  • As shown  above, i want get the handle of the black backgroud window by the FindWindow API as follow:

    FindWindow(Null,"Clock and Date");

    It works well in the EN-US windows8 OS, and it can't work in the ZH-CHS windows8 OS.

    At last i found that it calls "时间和日期" not 'Clock and Date' in the  ZH-CHS windows8 OS,

    so this code 'FindWindow(Null,"时间和日期")' will work well in the  ZH-CHS windows8 OS.

    By analogy, it calls “時間和日期” in the ZH-THS windows8 OS.

    My question, why does this window name change from the Operating system language and how to get its handle?

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