LINQ 怎么查询两个表? RRS feed


  • Navigation property可以在查询里面用的,比如
    from c in Customers where c.Order.TotalAmount>200 select c
    如果没有建立foreign key的话,可以自己join
    from o in db.Orders
        where o.OrderID == orderID
        join s in db.Shippers on o.ShipVia equals s.ShipperID
        join od in db.OrderDetails on o.OrderID equals od.OrderID
        join p in db.Products on od.ProductID equals p.ProductID
        join supplier in db.Suppliers on p.SupplierID equals supplier.SupplierID
        let total = od.Quantity * od.UnitPrice
      select new OrderDescription
          Product = p.ProductName,
          Quantity = od.Quantity,
          ShipperName = s.CompanyName,
          Total = total,
          UnitPrice = od.UnitPrice,
          SupplierName = supplier.CompanyName

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