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  • 现象:win7旗舰版32位。程序隔55秒调用SetThreadExecutionState(ES_DISPLAY_REQUIRED|ES_SYSTEM_REQUIRED);系统设置休眠与关闭显示器;大概1分多种后进入了待机状态。后来多试了几台机器,有的会,有的不会,做何解释啊?注:xp没此问题。

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    Phenomenon: on win7 flagship version, 32bit. OS goto sleep and logout, although I call "SetThreadExecutionState(ES_DISPLAY_REQUIRED|ES_SYSTEM_REQUIRED);" every 55 Seconds! This happens on 2 win7 machines and 2 other win7 machines not. By the way, xp machines do not hanppen until now.
    How could this happen, What is wrong with my use of API, Or any other APIs can Resolve this problem?


    2012年6月6日 17:00