Can not play the test cases recoded by CodedUI RRS feed

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  • Hi,

    I recoded a test case to test an mmc.exe programm with Visual Studio 2010 Coded UI Test. But when I tried to play the recorded test case, it always hang and timeout in one place. It is Wincell object click operation. Actually, I found all Wincell object operation failed in my test case, these Wincell objects should be dynamic objects.

    Please refer to foloowing codes, the codes always hang at " Mouse.Click(uIFileArchiveHistoricaCell, new Point(81, 18));", it seems can not find the object "uIFileArchiveHistoricaCell" when playing the recording.



    /// <summary>
            /// RecordedMethod1
            /// </summary>
            public void RecordedMethod1()
                #region Variable Declarations
                WinCell uIFileArchiveHistoricaCell = this.UINewActivityWindow.UIExUltraGridCtrl1Window.UIExUltraGridCtrl1Table.UIBand0row7Row.UIFileArchiveHistoricaCell;
                WinButton uINextButton = this.UINewActivityWindow.UINextWindow.UINextButton;

                // Click 'File Archive - Historical' cell
                Mouse.Click(uIFileArchiveHistoricaCell, new Point(81, 18));

                // Click '&Next' button
                Mouse.Click(uINextButton, new Point(15, 12));


    Does anyone know what's the problem? and how to fix it?






    2011年6月10日 3:05