Can dynamically adjust the number of instances of Azure Hosted Services RRS feed

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  • I have been thinking about the the premise without service interruption, whether an dynamically  or called automated mechanism to adjust the number of instances.
        For example, I have two roles  in my Azure Hosted Services: Web Role and Work Role, in the peak period of service, such as during the day, I need to allocate
    four instances for Web Role, to allocate four instances for Work Role,  Night, one instances for Web Role and one instances for Work  Roleis enough in the case of services are not interrupted, how can automatically implement this mechanism. Course, at least one instance fot Web Role  and one instance for Work Role .
         More optimized mechanism, of course: I access the service a little while, this mechanism automatically the number of instances .   
         My purpose of doing so is of course very clear that my service in the peak period of concurrent access, but very little access to the low-peak period,
         I want to be able to access during peak period to meet customer needs, at the same time, during the low access and do not want to waste resources and costs, because
         the costs and the number of instances, the computation time charges.I do take it for granted seem very greedy, but still want to confirm this mechanism could be achieved.
        I really hope experts can give me a suggestion.
    2012年9月23日 4:40