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  • sql2005 日志文件的增长判断条件有哪些?





    2011年8月15日 7:44


  • 文件的增长不会造成死锁.
    2011年8月15日 7:53
  • 那增长1G日志空间需要多少时间,数据库设置的最大等待时间是多少?
    2011年8月15日 8:12
  • 日志空间增长的速度根据数据库的使用情况决定的.

    1G 日志如果批量插入的话,可能几分钟就满了.



    2011年8月15日 8:54
  • 消息
    Autogrow of file 'IMAGE_log' in database 'image' was cancelled by user or timed out after 29328 milliseconds.  Use ALTER DATABASE to set a smaller FILEGROWTH value for this file or to explicitly set a new file size.

    2011年8月15日 10:07
  • You should ask yourself some questions first: what's growth rate? What's recovery mode of the db? How often to backup log if db is not in simple recovery mode? Why log grows that much? You need focus on root cause.
    2011年8月15日 13:21
  • I think your problem maybe because:

    1. you insert a big image into table and db keep marking log for it.

    2. bucause the image is big so db need growth its log size again and again.

    3. bucause db was busing marking log for this image file so you can not insert data into db during this time.


    just waiting for this operation finish.

    or you can restart db service.

    or some operation to stop db marking log.

    2011年8月16日 0:58
  • Not sure what you are talking about.

    1. what do you mean 'db keep marking log for it'?

    2. max image size is 2gb, why db need growth its log size again and again?

    3. why can't insert data to different table in the db?

    Do you know restarting sql server while there's big transaction will mark it for rollback once sql restarted? Means that db will not be available at all during rollback process, make the situation even worse. You can't stop logging in sql by the way, period. 

    2011年8月16日 2:24
  • Example:

    1.Image file : 2GB.

    2.DB log default size: 20MB. Growth as 20MB/

    DB mark this file into log need growth log for 100 time, right?

    I think if DB busing to growth log file it must be wast a lot of time so I said it keep loging.

    if DB is busing loging this file and some processes want to insert data into database

    there must be a queue on writing log, do you think so?

    so you can not insert data into database in this time I think .


    2011年8月16日 2:39
  • If you insert lot of big images, why set log size to 20mb and growth by 20mb? It's design issue. By the way, sql will not log image file in this case. Willing to participate is fine but should do some homework,  or will misleading people.
    2011年8月16日 3:21
  • the default size of log is not too big, right?

    base on this kind of issue, I just think maybe nobody modified default size.

    2011年8月16日 5:03
  • Yes, home work is very important.

    I am now searching about log for image type.

    But base on this kind of issue, it looks databasae has made log yet.

    2011年8月16日 5:05
  • Could you give some decription about : sql will not log image file in this case.
    2011年8月16日 5:19
  • 如果每次增长仅仅是1G的话,这么长时间,存储性能不怎么样,看下有没有IO之类的错误!如果增长过于频繁,建议给这个'IMAGE_log' 文件直接设置一个比较大的初始值,到低峰的时候备份下日志(前提是你恢复模式支持),这样日志文件就会减小!不然日志文件会一直增长下,对存储是一个很大的消耗!

    2011年8月22日 1:45