急!! how to implement a callback for form.submit() RRS feed

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    I'm doing a uploading page now and I use form.submit() to upload a csv file to the server. Then I need a callback to send the content of the csv file back to the client side. 

    I have read this:

    But I cannot fully understand its callback method even after i read some jsp tutorial. Especially for:
    1. What is $wnd[callbackName] ?
    2. What is${callbackName}(...); ?
    3. How to put my returning data, an ArrayList, into (...)?
    3. How to write the <script type='text/javascript'>...</script> part? 
    Use "PrintWriter out = response.getWriter();" and " out.println();" ?

    Can someone explain it to me? I really need help. Thanks very much!!

    2010年9月7日 2:16