打开xaml文件,visual studio崩溃 RRS feed

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  • 如题,我完全是按照里面的步骤去进行,安装了microsoft visual studio Express 2012 for Windows 8,想编写第一个windows8应用,可是一打开xaml后就崩溃,visual studio就重启。打开MailPage.xaml就崩溃,打开App.xaml能看到代码,但是几秒钟也崩溃。求解决啊。


    尝试加载该页时出错。由于未能创建Visual C# 2012编译器,因此未能打开项目“xx",创建托管对象“Microsoft.VisualStudio.CSharp.Services.Language.CodeModel.CodeModelFactory”的实例时出错(错误代码为 0x80131513)。


    注:I finally were able to install VS RTM without doing an upgrade. To do so, I had to delete from the windows folder all the files that contains "visualstudio" in the name (most of they were on the GAC). After I removed all those files, I was able to install and use VS without any issues.

    2012年10月18日 9:59