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  • MSI (s) (14:30) [16:44:20:553]: Windows Installer 已安装产品。产品名称: Microsoft Expression Blend 4 Beta。产品版本: 4.0.20310.0。产品语言: 1033。制造商: Microsoft Corporation。安装成功或错误状态: 1603。

    === Logging stopped: 2010/4/14  16:44:20 ===
    16:40:21 2010年4月14日: Info: Config_Products_InstallNew: Product: Microsoft Expression Blend 4 Beta Params: d:\788c28d15ebbd0e494\Setup\Blend_en.msi ADDLOCAL=ALL SPLASHVERSION="**********" ProductBandResourceName="**********" ReadmeOnlineFileUrl="**********" ReadmeComponentGuid="**********" SUPPRESSCEIPPROMPT="**********" HASLICENSE="**********" APPID="**********" PIDREGISTRYKEY="**********" SUITEPIDREGISTRYKEY="**********" ARPNOMODIFY="**********" ARPNOREPAIR="**********" LICENSESUBFOLDER="**********" LICENSESUBFOLDER="**********" LICENSESUBFOLDER="**********" USERACCEPTSEULA="**********"
    16:44:03 2010年4月14日: An error occurred installing the Blend_en.msi package. Error: There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. A program run as part of the setup did not finish as expected. Contact your support personnel or package vendor.  .
    16:44:20 2010年4月14日: Error: Config_Products_Install: Installation of Product Microsoft Expression Blend 4 Beta (failed): 安装时发生严重错误 Stack:    at Microsoft.WindowsInstaller.Installer.InstallProduct(String packagePath, String commandLine)    at XSetup.MsiPackage.ConfigureNewInstall(Product product)    at XSetup.Product.ConfigureNewProduct()
    16:44:20 2010年4月14日: Info: Config_Products_InstallNew: End installation of new product: Microsoft Expression Blend 4 Beta
    16:44:20 2010年4月14日: Info: Expecting to find local release notes at ''.



    2010年4月14日 8:58