windows phone8 direct3d的问题 文字,图片,图形的绘制,特别是中文如何处理 RRS feed

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  • 小弟有几个windows phone8  d3d的问题,项目挺急的,向大神求救:
    2013年1月18日 3:35


  • Brother several windows phone8 d3d problems, the project is very anxious to the great God for help:
    The first question: the rendering of the text, especially the Chinese how to deal with
    Second question: drawing pictures, the best support for more formats, not just dds
    The third question: the graphics rendering boulders how drawn
    Note: The above screen coordinates for the origin to the upper left corner of the screen, the incoming draw length parameters using physical pixels
    You God, I just started to play games, have only been exposed to direct, very rusty, trouble to the whole point of a simplified demo, do not use these frameworks d3dxtk these helper and cocos very cumbersome to read ah, please send to my mailbox a victorious grateful: lei2nuo@hotmail.com 
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    2013年1月18日 3:38