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  • hello everyone

    In my application, I invoke the C# DLL from my C++ code;
    I call the C# method like this:

    public DepthImagePixel[] CreateFilteredDepthArray(DepthImagePixel[] depthArray, int width, int height)

    So in my C++ code, I should transfer something to the parameter depthArray.

    The question comes...... What should I pass to detphArray in the case that the depth pixel is defined as struct NUI_DEPTH_IMAGE_PIXEL in C++, and not the struct DepthImagePixel in C#.

    Wating for yours answers! Thanks


    2013年7月26日 7:57


  • The K4W SDK provide the C++ library,so you can directly call the releated method other than invoke the C# dll in C++ code.
    2013年7月31日 16:20