who can tell me why ?CreateProcess and shellexcuteex RRS feed

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  • I believe that prawns are aware of these two functions can be used to run a batch, but recently discovered that there is a big difference, and so far did not find a solution to version, do not know what reason, please express. First description of the problem:
    The general batch who can run, but shellexcuteex basic and artificial to click to run a batch is almost not the same; createprocess. When the batch containing the find command, createprocess will not be able to run properly (not correctly set the working directory). Batch when the batch is used to compile the file or organize some data is more complex, involving command more content, artificial clicks can be normal run, use function createprocess to call, can not run correctly, shellexcuteex can. Still remain unable to solve, very special feeling shellexcuteex, but this function can not redirect the output, so there is no use. Now want to find a solution through createprocess version, do not know the heroes who had a similar experience, but also hope to express, thank you
    2013年3月20日 10:21