Unable to install Server 2012 over DELL XPS X8500 with Winodws 8


  • We bought over 20 new DELL over the weekend at Costco. All DELL XPS X8500 with Winodws 8.  In our environment, we don't need Winodws 8 and plan on putting something else for test.  I loaded Windows Server 2012 and once I got into the installation screen, the next thing it showed is "The product key entered does not match any of the Windows images available for installation.  Enter a different product key".  My only option is to select OK but once I did that, it only kicked me back out to the installation screen.  There is no way I can enter a different product key.  Any one has any idea?

    All 20 or so new Dell is now sitting on the floor.  I need to get it going, any help will be great.

    17/ربيع الأول/1434 12:36 ص

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