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  • Hello everyone,we are writing a program about camera.We had tryed two ways to use camera's zoom function in the program.The first one is from DirectShow,such as:

    public int Zoom{
                    return zoomCurrentValue;
                    if (this.IsZoomSupported() && value >= zoomMinValue && value <= zoomMaxValue)
                        if(cameraControl != null){
                            int setHr=cameraControl.Set(CameraControlProperty.Zoom, value, CameraControlFlags.Manual);
                            int getHr = cameraControl.Get(CameraControlProperty.Zoom, out zoomCurrentValue, out exposureFlag);

    and the second one is from WinRT,such as:

    These two functions have the same performance.They all have the same question.We try to use camera's zoom function from our program,we can get the refreshed camera preview immediately from camera lens such as"Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000"  and some others.But when we change the camera lens to "IMX175"(we sure it supports zoom),the camera preview didn't refresh immediately.It refreshed after we release and restart the camera.

    So the question is:

    Why some cameras which support zoom function can't refresh the camera preview immediately?

    Do we have less to do some operations?

    We shall be grateful for whatever help you can give us.

    Tuesday, October 21, 2014 1:35 AM