WFP connect redirect to local proxy RRS feed

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  • Hello, everyone! 

    I am implementing a WFP callout driver to redirect connection to local user mode proxy. Doing inline redirection as per

    As proxy service is in user mode, after getting the redirected connection, I fetch the redirect record and redirect context and the associate context. while i do this, do i need to be in sync with driver's call out function! 
    Driver callout function gets executed and calls FwpsReleaseClassifyHandle at the end. 
    User mode code query redirect record & context and associate the context later. Is that a problem!

    I am getting connection redirected to my local service. To forward the connection to original destination, if set the redirect record to outbound socket, I see webpage is not loading and its getting timed out. 
    Without setting the redirect record, webpage is loading without any issue. This looks really strange. can someone explain this behavior.

    Thursday, November 21, 2019 1:30 AM