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  • Install the latest tools to build, test, and deploy drivers; test and measure your hardware running Windows; and customize, assess, and deploy Windows 10 on your hardware.

     These tools are now available for Windows 10 Technical Preview:

    • Visual Studio 2015 CTP 6
    • Visual Studio Tools for Windows 10 Technical Preview
    • Windows SDK for Windows 10 Technical Preview
    • Windows Driver kit (WDK) 10 Technical Preview
    • Windows Hardware Lab Kit (HLK) Technical Preview
    • Windows Assessment and Deployment kit (ADK) Technical Preview

    Become a Windows Insider to get the latest Windows 10 technical preview and the latest hardware development kits and tools.

    Get the WDK samples from GitHub

    Check out the Windows Driver Framework source code. It’s now open source and available on GitHub!

    Known issues

    Be aware of these known issues (as of 3/23) in this release:

    Windows SDK

    • After you install the Windows SDK, Windows 10 apps might not build successfully with Visual Studio 2015 Community Technology Preview (CTP) 6 due to a of a metadata problem. Although you should not install the Windows SDK if you are doing app development, you can use the following workaround to build an app successfully:
    1. Exit Visual Studio.
    2. Open a command prompt as administrator.
    3. Run the \Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\10\bin\x86\GenerateUnionWinMD.cmd script. 

    Windows ADK

    • When installing to Windows 7 PCs, run ADKSetup.exe in administrator mode.


    • Currently, WDM templates do not build
    • Driver deployment to target PCs won’t work if the Display name used in the Device Configuration dialog is different than the Network host name. In this release, verify that these names are the same.
    • Target creation of mobile devices causes Visual Studio to become non-responsive.
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  • Hello ,

    May I know ,where is the HLK download link
    Is it likely HLKSetup.exe ??thanks

    • Windows Hardware Lab Kit (HLK) Technical Preview

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